Tooth Extraction - Winton Salem & King, NC

We Make Extractions as Comfortable as Possible

Why Get a Tooth Extraction?

Teeth may need to be extracted for many reasons. Children who have permanent teeth erupting may have to have a baby tooth removed to help the new tooth come into position. Adults have to have a tooth removed that has cracked, decayed or become infected beyond the point of being restorable.

If you are having a tooth removed:

  • Let us know any health issues you have had in the past or have currently, including all medications being taken (even supplements).
  • If anxiety over dental treatment is a concern, let us know ahead of time. There are several options available to help you overcome your anxiety including oral or IV sedation, if you are a candidate.
  • Follow all instructions given before and after the procedure and take any medications we prescribe as directed.

Instructions for before and after dental surgery are posted on the Forms and Instructions page for your reference.