Dental Fillings in Winston Salem & King, NC

We Take Care to Reapir Your Teeth

Fillings Repair Decay &amp Restore Teeth

When you have a cavity, a filling is used to repair the portion of the tooth that was decayed. In most cases, a tooth colored resin material will be bonded to the healthy tooth structure, after the decay has been removed. In some cases, a silver material called amalgam may be used. Ask us about the material options available! We provide our clients with the highest quality and cost effective options to help repair damaged teeth. Our offices in Winston Salem and King are convenient to the surrounding areas and allow our clients the ability to quicky have their decay and cavities repaired.

Options for Fillings

Compared to some dental procedures, fillings are rather simple. However, this does not mean there are no options for our clients in regards to materials and procedure. Occasionally, in certain situations, it may be necessary for a temporary filling to be placed. If this is the case, we will let you know and give you special instructions.